Candied Walnuts

Posted Nov 14th, 2016

These candied nuts are a simple and delicious treat! You can toss them on a salad, enjoy them as a snack or package them in a mason jar as a gift for a friend.

1 cup walnut halves and pieces

1/4 cup Clearly Organic Sugar

1 Tablespoon Clearly Organic Butter

Place walnuts, sugar and butter in a sauté pan. Heat pan on medium heat stirring mixture frequently as butter begins to melt. Stir mixture continually as sugar begins to melt and nuts start to caramelize. This takes about 5 minutes. Ensure all nuts get evenly coated. Transfer nuts immediately onto parchment paper or a plate where nuts can separate and cool. Quickly separate nuts on a flat surface so they don’t start sticking together. Cool completely, about 10 minutes. Transfer to an air tight container.

Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts

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